Yeah. I cried. I wept like a little sissy girl.

I was wrapping up all my taxes for the 2012 year.

I looked at what I had ended up paying my first employee. I looked at what profit was left.  I had estimated a pessimistic figure in my head, and when the numbers were all in, I was within a mere $300 of my pessimistic guess of profit.  So, yeah, I wept.

“I’m not even meant to do this.”

“I flat out suck at this. What was I ever thinking?

The year had been rough.  Revenue had doubled, but c’mon–there wasn’t even enough to pay two people much more above the federal poverty level.

I had one employee… and even he quit.

From here, I had two options.

Give up.

Find a job—the dreaded




………… or

Shut myself in a room and think.

I chose to think.

I put in some solid “Brain Time”—just where did I go wrong?

Here’s what I came up with:

  • That particular year, I thought I was hiring another me, another sales rep. That was naive of me.
  • I thought leads would continue to roll in at the same rate in my first year. They didn’t.
  • I thought the size of the average projects’ transaction would continue to grow. Nope. Didn’t happen.
  • I thought I could get a leg up by offering lots of different services. All that did was spread me thin and slam my productivity through the floor.
  • I thought people would really respect me when I showed up with my team (ahem, my one employee)!  THEN they’d understand all the glorious smarts behind all the projects we pulled off.

Bah!  C’mon! People don’t think like that.

It was time I faced it.

I had been schooled.

I didn’t know what I was doing.  My business model was unsustainable.  I might have hired the right person—but my sequence of doing things way out of order.  I didn’t know how to market us.  I didn’t know how to position us.

I can sum it up best by…

I didn’t know how to say, “Hey! I work harder. ‘Over here…Choose me. I’m better

Anyone who ever worked with me attested that no one else ever took such a deep-dive vested interest into their projects as I did.

My ol’-college-pal-first-employee-designer who moved just to join me even said, [I want to work with you because] you recognize quality and know what it takes to get it.”

I knew those sorts of things because I had been a maker; for years I had built things.

I had composed music and produced video (for international productions, mind you), and built websites that made people feel great.

I longed to receive the most cherished of compliments: “Drew’s a true Renaissance man.”

Why wouldn’t people adore me?

I was a true artist!

I could draw out all the concepts, write the scripts, light the set, shoot the films, edit the stories, compose the score……

… and wrap it all up, delivering the most riveting acceptance speech for my award.  Move over, Julia Roberts. I got this one.

But I wasn’t ever given that Renaissance Man title.

I wasn’t ever called that because people didn’t give a rat’s patootie about any of that.

Being able to do a lot of different things didn’t make me an invaluable asset; it fueled my identity crisisand I wasn’t really helping people.

On the road to identity disorder recovery—and my personal pursuit of real purpose—I thought I’d best get busy studying.

I started reading books.  I never even called myself a reader.

But I sure started shredding through pages of both contemporary thought leaders as well as the classic time-tested authorities—the topics on leadership, productivity, psychology, marketing, relationships, business and wealth.

I absorbed podcasts, ebooks, videos, seminars, webinars, podisemiebookividinars… name it.  I was digging into it.

And at the risk of coming across like a needy toddler, I asked some key people I really admired to mentor me.

Finally, I interrogated myself, “I might not be the best in the world at making everything, but I’m pretty doggone descent at a few things.

“Now… what skills could I learn that would deeply help people?

“…skills that I can add to the things that I can already do?  What do people really struggle with?  What problem can I really help them solve?”

Bam. I had it!

At least, I started having it—the spark of a breakthrough.

People need help with exactly what I’m going through!

  • Others too couldn’t depend on the the predictability of their leads.
  • Others too couldn’t seem to communicate how much they can help their prospects too… how much value they could give.
  • And others aren’t aware of the best ways to find the best people that would be ecstatic to work with them!

And other entrepreneurs and company principals need a boost in essential morale.

They’re busy.

They’re caught up in the day-to-day operations, and a ton of them have lost sight of what even makes themselves so special… that thing that used to define them—that thing that gives them standout-ability.


Wait. There was another serious problem.

Others, like I did, struggle with how to move forward.

  • They know they want freedom.
  • They know they want more money (which is part of the freedom equation).
  • They know they want more time.

I had seen the light.

I could help with that.

If I could solve it for myself, I could certainly help others get clear on what they need to be doing to get to all that glorious freedom they are seeking.

Most importantly, I knew I could help them drill down and help them finally slam the door shut on all the distractions flying in their face!

Distractions like…

  • Media sales reps needing to hit their quotas, selling them on “silver bullets”
  • Spammy opportunities claiming to have the “Mechanism Messiah” (e.g. “Buy this ONE THING and all your worries poof away in smoke!”)
  • The failed promises of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • The lame lack of traction from Facebook campaigns
  • Myths like, “All you need now is an awesome website!”  Please

These are things now just make me sick! I hear them over and over… It’s not the fault of the masses; they are simply that ingrained in everyone’s heads!

People need real answers. (and enlightened and reprogrammed).

And to get to those answers, managers and CEOs really need better questions.

Not softball ones.

It is… THE only way.

I repurposed all my super powers into building something that would stand the test of time.

I shifted from

“I’m trying so hard to be everything (and seek the recognition for it)”


“Me and you? … Buckle up. We’re gonna blow the lid off your business!”

The Hudge Factor was my answer… my Iron Man, my Delorean, the Frankenstein I cooked up in my lab many a late night.  It was the machine I built for clearing up all the junk and myths that have clouded the sane minds of busy CEOs for years!

It is the way to shut up all the “Silver Bullet Messiahs” and find the never-changing principles that set my clients apart to finally start spanking their competitors—for good, within 90 days.

  • No, your newly-launched, pretty website isn’t doing jack squat. Sorry.
  • Yes, your competitor just landed all those Likes and looks like they’re rockin’ Facebook… were you thinking they could use those to pay their utlities this month?
  • Oh? You’re SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts are frustrating you?

Listen!… hey… let me play therapist for a little bit here.

I know because I used to sell all these services.

I studied them, got certified in some of these areas, and I truly believed in them.

But they will get you jaded.

Remember Lewis Carroll’s famous line from Alice in Wonderland?

“… Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. ‘Which road do I take?’ she asked. ‘Where do you want to go?’ was his response. ‘I don’t know,’ Alice answered. ‘Then,’ said the cat, ‘it doesn’t matter.”

That was me.

And that might be you.

Especially after learning just a sliver of what all is out there.  You’ll drown.  Anyone will drown without some system like the Hudge Factor to ground them in reality and keep them on track.

You know you need to get moving.  You know you want to be somewhere else.

You know you want your agency to be somewhere else.  You just don’t know which direction to head.

And deep down, you’re scared because because you’re smart enough to understand that the first step sets your trajectory.

That’s a big freaking deal when you get 20, 50 or 1000 steps down one road to look back and realize you’ve lost a lot of time and money.

Yet the illustrious silver-bullet Sirens are luring thousands to crash upon the “Me Too Marketing” rocky shores.  Those fallen victim are the ones who look back on their last five years and say, “Why does it feel like we’ve just been spinning our wheels? Why can’t we escape looking and sounding like everyone else?”

Today’s the day to stop that madness… to reject the status quo plateau as your future.

The Hudge Factor makes the process of doubling or tripling your leads simple—yet, you can rest assured that none of your competitors are even thinking about the things I’ve assembled.  Begin to relax and exhale and chew on this: “The mechanism doesn’t dictate the strategy.”

In other words, “Facebook won’t save your business” or “There is no parallel between the cost of your new website and its effectiveness to give you leads!” or “That flash-in-a-pan fad strategy will wear off.”

If you are looking to get out of the rat race with throwing money at the latest social media ad platform, or bill boards, or radio, print, whatever it is!

If you’re all about learning from someone else’s mistakes… if you’re all about hitting the fast forward button and skipping a lot of headache that comes with trial and error marketing efforts…

If you’re the type who likes the idea of upgrading the system instead of putting band-aids on the leaky pipes every six week, then don’t leave without taking a look at a free gift (just one, yet very powerful component, of the entire Hudge Factor framework).

To your success,