What’s all This Pokejunk

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“Blech! What’s with all this Pokéjunk anyway?”

Not that I’ve heard someone say that first hand… but I know a lot of people out therethinking it.


I’m not a Poké player.

My 7 yr old boy trades some of the cards (learning early who his friends are #gypped).  And I don’t even have the app. (I’m not really planning on it).

But I recognize something.

Something that makes a lot of people give themselves a big ol’ healthy dose of slap-in-the-faceif they’re always too busy to fail to see it.


short relevant gear switch


A few years back, I did a few workshops on social media.  I’d heard all the moaner-and-groaners say this over and over:

“Bah!  *I’M* not on Facebook.  Why do I care to be on–much less, USE–Facebook?”

Oh, I dunno.  I guess since 1.6 Billion+ other humans are hanging out there.

I get it. It’s hard.  It’s hard to see beyond yourself and your own interests and behaviors.

But ya gotta move past it.  Your business… or organization, practice, agency, whatever…

…is NOT about you!  (hard pill to swallow)

Back to Poké craze and Ignoring Serious Braintime


This article might be in front of all kinds of people who are into all kinds of different things.  But here’s today’s lesson:

Your job, in growing your biz or getting better at your marketing, isn’t to move forward with all of YOUR preferences — It’s to find out what the people you serve are wanting!

“Drew, I know I know… you’re telling me to ‘don’t knock it ’til ya try it. And try this Pokémon game'”


That’s not what I said.

I didn’t tell you to play the game (and if you are, please look up from time to time and steer clear of steep drop offs and highways).

But I AM challenging you to think creatively about your surroundings!

Here’s what’s gotten into me:

I’ve recently been catching all these articles online about creative businesses—restaurants, shops, gyms, just about any local business… any “brick ‘n mortar” store—taking advantage of this Pokemon fad.

That’s genius!

Way to “see where the puck is going, and skate to it!”

(If you’re looking for a Poke-tutorial on exactly how to get started in turning your business into a Pokeplayer magnet, check out this guide here.)


Did you know that toilet paper wasn’t even around until 1857?  ……… 82 years after the “modern flush toilet” came about?

What did people do for 82 years?

Another friend recently told me, “Ya know, the people who struck gold during the Gold Rush weren’t the ones mining for gold… they were the ones selling the pick axes.”

Reality check.

This game is still trending. And there are going to be more fads…

Are you missing out on something in the now?

Block out time to think. (When was the last time you did?)

Got a past win? … of skating where the puck was headed? … or even a huge missed opportunity?

Reply back and share. I read every reply.

And just in general, it’s best to limit phone use when near steep drop offs.