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The 1 Statement that Sends Prospects to a Competitor [Part 1 of 3]

The 1 Statement Insurance Agents Say About Their Online Marketing that Sends Their Prospects To A Competitor

In nearly 2 decades of making “compliance influencing” stuff for private clients, this is the phrase that kinks the “lead hose.” It strangles any chance of an ROI.

It’s this.

“Well… they (our web users) can find it, if they just [insert action: e.g. click here, look there, etc]”

Too many hard-working cashflow-strapped Insurance Independents have this false faith that people will go exactly where they need to request a quote —

AND I’m going to tell you how to fix one of the situations if you’re guilty of it too (totally cool if you are, we’ve all assumed the “too much faith” philosophy)

I was reviewing what several Independent Insurance agencies were doing online earlier in the week… One agency in particular stood out.

I found this “homepage taboo” I see way too often = The attempt to send new traffic to a lame page just to learn how great of a job they’re doing protecting others.

I can just hear SOMEone responsible for this example saying, “Well… they (the online users) will be able to find [the thing they need to find to influence their decision to work with us] if they just [click on this, or that, or look here, or visit our social media… blah blah]”

Nope. They won’t.

Most “users” are ice cold when (ahem… IF!) they ever get to your homepage.

There are several parts to this, so OTAAT (One Thing At A Time). I’ll be unpacking this in three parts (separate posts).

  1. The big, simple, easily-fixed taboo w/ your most powerful marketing material (and where to put it)
  2. Getting more people to leave you online reviews (and why that’s a huge deal)
  3. How to even collect a slew of stellar social proof – THE most powerful marketing mechanism) (hint: lots of “kind words” are lame and completely trite and trigger the “B.S. meter”)

Today, we attack No. 1 …

So What’s out of Place?

In this review, I see right at the top of the agency’s home page: 2 words, a link to another page: “Customer Reviews”

“Okay,” I thought, “…’not sure why they decided that was the best place for it but I suppose, at least it’s up there.”

Right idea… not-so-hot execution.

“Why would you have me go to another page to experience the glowing things your customers have said about you, your agency, and your team? Why?”

What happened when I clicked those 2 words?

I was redirected to a page with TWO reviews with confusing large logos at the bottom.

And there’s that voice in my head, the one I’ve heard too many times before: “Well… they can find it, if they look up there” I can hear that guilty one, responsible for these decisions about where to put the most important things… I can hear that culprit — Maybe it was the design agency liaison — maybe the client themselves. …

So what were the logos? Google, Kudzu, Citysearch and Yelp. (more on this in Post No. 2)

My question: Who would understand why these are on the “Customer Reviews” page?

Other than the 2 reviews printed on that very page, no others existed. And even when clicking on any of the 4 logos, you get ripped AWAY from the agency’s best mechanism to educate you (their own site) and off to some irrelevant online directory.

What They Were Trying to Do… And Why It Doesn’t Work

Someone knew a little something about Local SEO (SEO = “nudging search engines to find them”). That ‘someone’ suggested placing those four popular logos at the bottom of this “testimonials” page to direct users to go to these online directories to leave their own review.

Does that make sense to you?

This is a well-meaning idea shot to heck. “A” for idea, “F” for execution.

It’s so incredibly important for Independents to pop their most-glowing testimonials right smack in front of people’s faces.


THE TOP of their website’s home page. This is how the on-average, 70-95% of new traffic is going to get “triggered” to have this IMMEDIATE feeling of, “Ah, cool. Well… I see other normal people just like me have tried these guys… aaaaand… it looks like they have had a great experience!”

This is crucial. Put ‘em right there! First thing you see. THAT’s what needs to be on your home page, right at the TOP!

Think about it.

In the example I’m talking about: a new and very cold prospect lands on the home page, and sees……… Products?

There’s NO immediate thought like, “Ahh so others have really loved this place” — just products. And then some “About Us” words… then a cute brunette on the right with a headset.

IF I NOTICE the “Customer Reviews” link at the top of the site, okay… fine. THEN I go there?

This agency had THE chance to give a great first impression but they assumed that I was more concerned about their products than “proof.”

You might say, “Maybe they wouldn’t be a qualified prospect? — if they’re shopping for a product we don’t have.”


They’re not even there yet.

Ice. Cold. Traffic.

What are you gonna do?

Show your wares? … Talk about yourself? …

Or show some proof.

Insurance Online Reviews -How to Do Them RightHow to Fix This (and get more leads with the traffic you already have)

This is a simple fix.

It’s of TOP importance to show your cold traffic that others have had GREAT experiences with you.

Get those glowing testimonials, in “real people” language, at the TOP of your homepage.

Avoid sending them to another page to begin with, to discover those words of awesomeness.

Hope that was informational. ‘see it all the time. No one talks about insurance like they do Lebron, Ford Trucks, or fad diets. They don’t care to see your products you offer (at first). And IF they’re even ready to request that quote, imagine how much more memorable you’ll be when you’re following up on the request.

This stuff is simple… but not easy.

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