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Give me 7 Minutes, I’ll Show You How to Step Up Your SEO and Quote Requests Within the Hour [Part 2/3]

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[Part 2 of 3] Catch Part 1, where I share how so many agencies are missing out on influencing new prospects because they’re placing the best marketing material they have in all the wrong places.

Today, let’s drill down how to collect MORE of those most effective marketing mechanisms: the testimonial (or, in this context, the “online review”)

Here’s the rub: To compete and begin to dominate your local market, you’re going to need as much proof as you can get

Testimonials on your site are crucial. But what about the traffic that isn’t there yet? What about the traffic that’s just shopping around right now? HOW are THEY going to be influenced by all the people you’ve covered before them?

Here’s what that traffic (that is already ‘warm’ because they’re shopping—they’re looking on Google)

They’re going to search.

They’re going to hit online directories.

And maybe… just maybe… they’ll find some great reviews on the online directories.

Remember seeing this too, say, the last time you looked for a place to eat out? Yelp’s a big one. Manta, Citysearch, DexKnows. There are hundreds.

That’s overwhelming.

No worries. I’m going to tell you

  1. why these are such big deals…
  2. and the EASY step-by-step way to get more of this working FOR you within the hour!


In the same example I used for Part 1, they’re onto something. That agency was taking a good stab at it.

They had a “testimonials” page > with those four popular logos at the bottom >> which took users off the site to … umm, discover? a review? … to leave? a review? That’s where they fell short.

So instead of leading people OFF your site, let’s talk about how to reverse this and GET THEM to COME TO your site (so you can educate them, greet them and delight them).

Here are the 2 reasons the reviews are important:

Reason 1) Increases search ranking/ “influences” Google’s results — (you have a much higher likelihood of appearing in a better spot on Google’s results)

  • Why? Because all those online directories (still) matter to Google.
  • When there’s a “verified” business on that particular directory, they matter even more.
  • And when there are some human beings who have left reviews on those verified directories, Google even likes that more!

See? So all these agencies interested in wildly expensive SEO can really start today to take some of this into their own hands.

Reason 2) Simple. Psychology. This one’s a given, right? It’s the same as a testimonial; you’re trying to get strangers to take another step, another step and another step toward that phone or Quote Request.

The more “social proof” you have, (that’s NOT even on your own site!), the better!

So What Can You Do RIGHT NOW?

Man… this is going to be sweet. Step-by-step. Here we go.

1) Google your agency. Just search for [firstName LastName insurance] or [agencyName insurance]

2) Get the results. Scroll down that page 1. Write down the search results like, “Yelp” “Yellowpages” “Foursquare” and there might very well be some other directories very specific to your local industry. Write ‘em down. You don’t need to concern yourself with the dozens or hundreds… the ones on page 1 are the ones to target.

3) Now… click into one, for this walk-thru, let’s just say we’ll click on the Yelp listing
*Note: Don’t remember making this listing? That’s okay. For right now, let’s just say, “That’s how the web works.” Let’s keep going.

4) First check to see if the info is accurate at that listing. Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone)
*Note: Let’s say everything’s solid. Moving on.

5) Notice the button SOMEWHERE on that Yelp page that says something like “Write a Review” or “Leave a Review”
*Note: That’s all we’re going to be doing: Leading a horse to water. Hint: We need to get eager people to hit that button. And you’re ALREADY thinking of some customers who would be more than happy to do this. Go ahead and write them down now too.

6) Copy that web address on that page. (looks something like:

7) Send an email to those people you just thought of in that last step, who would be glad to share kudos to the world about you. BE SURE TO PASTE THE LINK in the email.

How many of these could you do today? In the next hour?

What would it look like to your agency to have more strangers, who are already looking for insurance (warm prospects), find you more easily and already be “triggered” by a few great reviews?

This strategy could double the leads many bring in each month via online quote requests, phone calls or live chats.

Magic and mysterious SEO is expensive and takes time. But this!? This stuff, you, or someone else on your team could knock out.

Set a goal. 20 emails each week. That’s 4 a day. 20 next week. Do you have 40 happy customers? Can’t think of them? Go hit your claims records, especially the most recents. Vet them first if you need (4 minute pre-email phone call — just make sure they had a stellar experience).

This stuff is simple… but not always easy

Still hung up on this? Reach out. A 15 minute call (pun intended) can save you hours of frustration in deciphering any of this.

I like learning what stonewalls so many out there and these short discussions fuel the content I create. You can easily book

In the meantime, start brainstorming your current and recent customers you can send straight to a Review link. Your street cred rides on it… both with Google and real people.